Monday, February 27, 2017

Assignment for Wednesday, March 1: Brahms Lieder

We are bumping up our schedule, so we have to leave the Chopin preludes unfortunately, and move to the wonderful composer Johannes Brahms. Look up his dates, and start assembling a chronology in your head of 19th-century composers. How do Brahms and Chopin compare? Brahms and Wagner, our next composer?

For Wednesday I would like us to analyze two of Brahms's lieder, "Wie Melodien zieht es mir" and "Meine Lieder." Please listen to both, and then choose one to analyze; as we did with Schubert and Schumann, find a translation and copy it into your printout. Analyze with Roman numerals, but look for "non-functional" passages: hexatonic cycles, chromatic progressions, etc. Please have your piece ready to hand in on Wednesday.

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